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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Research

Research experiences are opportunities for significant personal accomplishment and one-on-one interactions with professors and other members of the university community.

Undergraduate Research Internships - A list maintained by Dr. Bert Ely

Research internships provide an opportunity to experience biology instead of just learning about Biology in the classroom. What you learn in the research laboratory will complement what you learn in the classroom, and you will end up with a much greater depth of understanding. Research internships are available to all Biology majors regardless of how many courses you have taken. Research internships can be taken for credit with up to 3 credits serving as part of your Major and 3 additional credits serving as elective credit.

 If you would like to work on a project in a research laboratory that deals with some aspect of the Biological Sciences, Dr. Ely will be glad to help you find an appropriate faculty research mentor. You can contact him for an appointment at 777-2768,, or by coming to CLS701. Before your appointment, go to Mentor List and study the list of potential mentors to determine whose interests are most closely allied with yours.

 USC Office of Undergraduate Research

Professors maintain dual lives as educators and researchers, creating two overlapping communities within the University. An undergraduate research experience gives students access to both communities. Typically, students become familiar with professors through their classes and through the descriptions of professor research on the department web site. Students can join laboratories as early as their freshman year. Research efforts can receive course credit (6 credits towards graduating, with 3 credits satisfying the major requirement).


Students can often receive financial support for research, especially during the summer, from either research grants of professors or from several competitive fellowship programs offered through the Department and/or University.  View a listing of available scholarship and detailed information at the Undergraduate Scholarships page.