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Herrick Brown

Assistant Curator - A. C. Moore Herbarium (USCH)
Department of Biology
University of South Carolina

Office: CLS 208
Phone Number: (803) 777-8175
Website: A. C. Moore Herbarium
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Flora Caroliniana
View of Table Rock State Park from Bald Rock Heritage Preserve near Caesar's Head State Park.

I'm interested in the use of digital technologies to enhance the value and accessibility of Natural History collections. In the shadow of cellular biology and recombinant genetic research, classical studies in the natural sciences receive less attention. My intention is to brush the dust off of the forgotten efforts of our scientific predecessors and their hard earned collections by exposing the wealth of information they hold to the digital age.

Herrick Brown examines Eriocaulon ravenelii from the Henry William Ravenel collection