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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences

Faculty & Staff Directory

Sofia Lizarraga

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
University of South Carolina

Office: CLS 402
Phone Number: 803-777-2100


  • 1.     Manzini, C.M., Xiong, L., Shaheen, R., Tambunan, D.E., Di Constanzo, S., Mitisalis, V., Tischfield D.J., Cinquino, A., Ghaziuddin, M., Christian, M. Jian, Q., Laurent, S., Nanjiani, Z.A., Rasheed, S., Hill, R.S., Lizarraga, S.B., Gleason, D., Sabbagh, D., Salih, M.A., Alkuraya, F.S., Walsh, C.A. CC2D1A Regulates Human Intellectual and Social Function as well as NF-kB Signaling Homeostasis. Cell Reports. 8: 1-9 (2014). 

  • 2.     Ouyang, Q*, Lizarraga, S.B.*, Schmidtt, M., Yang, U., Gong, J., Ellisor, D., Kauer, J.A., Morrow, E.M.  Christianson Syndrome Protein NHE6 Modulates TrkB Endosomal Signaling Required for Neuronal Circuit Development. Neuron. 80(1):97-112 (2013) . (This work was the cover art; highlighted by commentary in same issue in Neuron; chosen as Editors’ Choice at Science Signaling)*These authors contributed equally to this work

  • 3.    Lizarraga, S.B., Coser, K.R., Sabbagh, M, Morrow, E.M. (2012) Methods for study of neuronal morphogenesis: Ex-vivo RNAi electroporation in embryonic murine cerebral cortex. J Vis Exp. 2012 May 18;(63):e3621. PMCID: PMC3369626

  • 4.     Lizarraga SB, Margossian SP, Harris MH, Campagna DR, Han AP, Blevins S, Mudbhary R, Barker   JE, Walsh CA, Fleming MD (2010).Cdk5rap2 regulates centrosome function and chromosome segregation in neuronal progenitors. Development. Jun;137(11):1907-17. PMCID: PMC2867323.

  • 5.     Sepp KJ, Hong P, Lizarraga SB, Liu JS, Mejia LA, Walsh CA, Perrimon N. (2008). Identification of neural outgrowth genes using genome-wide RNAi. PLoS Genet. Jul 4;4(7):e1000111. PMCID: PMC2435276.

  • 6.     Bond J, Roberts E, Springell K, Lizarraga SB, Scott S, Higgins J, Hampshire DJ, Morrison EE, Leal GF, Silva EO, Costa SM, Baralle D, Raponi M, Karbani G, Rashid Y, Jafri H, Bennett C, Corry P, Walsh CA, Woods CG. (2005).  A centrosomal mechanism involving CDK5RAP2 and CENPJ controls brain size. Nat Genet. Apr;37(4):353-5. (PMID: 15793586)
  • 7.     O'Brien LL, Albee AJ, Liu L, Tao W, Dobrzyn P, Lizarraga SB, Wiese C. (2005). The Xenopus TACC homologue, maskin, functions in mitotic spindle assembly. Molecular Biology of the Cell Jun;16(6):2836-47. PMCID: PMC1142428.
  • 8.     Lizarraga SB, Zheng Y, Wilde AR. (2002).  Characterization of the effect of RanGTP on the microtubule cytoskeleton in GTPase protocols: The Ras superfamily. Methods Mol Biol. 189:247-60. Edited by E. J.Manser and T. Leung, Humana Press Inc. Totowa NJ. (PMID: 12094591)
  • 9.     Wilde A*, Lizarraga SB*, Zhang L, Wiese C, Gliksman NR, Walczak CE, Zheng Y. (2001).  Ran stimulates spindle assembly by altering microtubule dynamics and the balance of motor activities. Nat Cell Biol. Mar;3(3):221-7. (PMID: 11231570) *both authors contributed equally to this work
  • 10.  Gunawardane RN, Lizarraga SB, Wiese C, Wilde A, Zheng Y (2000).  -tubulin complexes and their role in microtubule nucleation in centrosome in cell replication and early development. Curr Top Dev Biol. 49:55-73 (PMID: 11005014)