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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences

Research Areas

As a subject, Biology covers a lot of ground. Research in our Department spans the full range of organisms (e.g. prokaryote and eukaryote, plant and animal, invertebrate and vertebrate), levels (genetics and biochemistry to physiology and development to ecology and environment) and evolutionary scales (populations to Phyla to... the whole thing).

Research Groups

The Department's Graduate and Research Faculty are organized into 3 broad groups which represent natural divisions within the Department, with responsibilities to organize activities specifically relevant to the group. The groups are not restrictive; many individual faculty align with more than one group due to the breadth of their research interests.

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty interests and activities often integrate multiple and diverse research themes.  These links identify the range of research represented within the Department; the links identify Faculty with active interests in these areas.

Cell and Developmental Biology

Computational Biology

Conservation Biology


Evolutionary Studies

Marine Biology
Molecular Biology and Genetics


Physiology and Behavior

Viral Biology


Cancer Biology

Fish Biology

Insect Biology

Invertebrate Biology


Plant Biology

Vertebrate Biology