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Graduate Student Directory

Maeve Snyder

Degree Program: Integrative Biology
Room: EWS 715
Major Professor: Jerry Hilbish

I am a Master's degree seeking student in the Hilbish lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at University of South Carolina. The theme of my research is the effect of climate change on marine organisms. Marine invertebrates, especially sessile (non-mobile) species often have planktonic larval stages that allow them to disperse. Intertidal habitats, such as rocky shores, are a good system for investigating changing climate scenarios. Climate change may cause shifts in species’ ranges in a number of ways: inability to reproduce, death due to thermal stress, expansion of a predator’s range, and decrease in availability of prey species. My research tracks the success of reproduction, dispersal, and recruitment of barnacle species in the UK. One environmental factor that affects species distribution is winter sea surface temperature, which determines brooding success in the barnacle Semibalanus balanoides and may result in latitudinal variation in recruitment. Differential recruitment success may also result in changing competitive interactions between S. balanoides and other community members. Range shifts and local extinctions due to climate change may have biogeographic consequences and may dramatically alter the functioning of ecosystems.


Education: B.S. Biology at Coastal Carolina University 2014