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Han Han

Degree Program: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Room: PSC 716
Major Professor: Dr. Prof. Beth Krizek

A flower develops from a small group of stem cells that is called a floral primordium. The numbers, positions, and identities of floral organs affect the ornamental value of a flower. The classic ABCE model explains how floral organ identities are specified, but we know little about what controls the number and precise locations of floral organ primordia. My project focuses on a member of the AINTEGUMENTA-LIKE (AIL) family called AINTEGUMENTA-LIKE 6 (AIL6) which functions in these processes. Previous reports showed that AIL6 regulates floral homeotic gene expression and may mediate auxin responses (Krizek, 2009). To further probe AIL6 function in flower development, we have ectopically expressed AIL6 using two different approaches. These transgenic plants have defects in floral organ numbers, positions and identities. We will use genetic, molecular and confocal microscopy approaches to characterize these plants. My project will shed light on the molecular mechanism of flower development.