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Graduate Student Directory

Christopher Brandon

Degree Program: Integrative Biology
Room: CLS 608
Major Professor: Jeff Dudycha
A picture of Christopher Brandon standing on a shorline.

Research interests and projects:

In a broad context, I am interested in sensory ecology from an evolutionary perspective. In particular, I am interested in the ecology and evolution of the visual system of a freshwater, microcrustacean, Daphnia. My dissertation to date has examined multiple aspects of Daphnia visual ecology and evolution. Thus far, projects have included (1) an evaluation of genetic variation of eye size in Daphnia, (2) phenotypic plasticity of eye size in relation to the resource and light environment, (3) selection on eye size in the wild, (4) a comparative field study of eye size selection across Daphnia species, (5) opsin gene family evolution in Daphnia.


Brandon, CS, T James, & JL Dudycha (2014) A selective advantage to incremental variation in eye morphology. Submitted.

Brandon, CS, & JL Dudycha. (2014). Ecological constraints on sensory systems: compound eye size in Daphnia is reduced by resource limitation. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 200, 749-758

Dudycha, JL, CS Brandon, & KC Deitz. (2012). Population genomics of resource exploitation: insights from gene expression profiles of two Daphnia ecotypes fed alternate resources. Ecology and Evolution, 2, 329-340