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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences

Graduate Association of Biological Sciences (GABS)

 Important News

****GABS Meeting for October to be announced. Look out for a poll****

****New Graduate Student Party Sept 16th!! More details to follow****


GABS is the representative body for graduate students in the Department of Biology.

Primarily, we provide representation for biology graduate students both within the department as well as at the university level.

Additionally we are involved in enhancing the scientific community at USC for graduate students by hosting departmental seminar speakers, holding our own scientific retreat at the coast and conducting a weekly, informal, graduate student lunchtime seminar.


2016-2017 OFFICERS

Julie Youngblood

President of GABS


Eilea Knotts

Vice President of GABS



Olivia Spead

Treasurer of GABS




Kristen Larsen

Secretary of GABS

Logan Schuck

Social Chair of GABS

Lindsey Schwartz

Service Chair of GABS

Our commitment to the department:s an organization, GABS gives graduate students a voice in the department and an active role in departmental decision making. We currently have graduate student representatives on most departmental committees including graduate and undergraduate curriculum committees, technology committee, and seminar series committee. In addition we have a faculty liason that attends faculty meetings providing us with a line of communication with the faculty.


Our commitment to each other: 

For new graduate students, GABS provides a sense of community and helps them adjust to life in Columbia and the department. Monthly GABS meetings are a place for any student problems or concerns to be discussed, solutions proposed, and decisions and announcements of upcoming events.

Our commitment to science:

Every semester, GABS hosts two scientists from other institutions as speakers in the departmental seminar series. Students are encouraged to interact with the invited speaker at a sponsored lunch to share research interests and be exposed to a variety of research fields. In addition to experiencing research done outside of USC, GABS hosts a variety of opportunities for students to experience what is going on within the department. In the fall there is a weekly seminar series where graduate students  present their research to each other in a relaxed setting and a day-long faculty symposium where the faculty present their research to the students. In the spring GABS hosts a three day retreat at the Baruch facility allowing students in Biology, Marine Science, Public Health and Pharmacy to come together and present in a more formal setting.



Our commitment to the community:

In addition to academic and departmental involvement, GABS strives to give back to the community. Every Christmas we sponsor two needy families through the Families Helping Families program in Columbia. Other potential activities include beach sweeps and adopt a highway. There are also a variety of opportunities for students to reach out to the K-12 community by helping teachers, mentoring students, and judging at science fairs.

                                   Ronald McDonald House                                         Nov 2014


Where Have We Been Recently?

NamePrincipal InvestigatorConference
Yogin PatelHexin ChenOctober 2015: Mammary Stem Cell Workshop, Stem Cell Technology, Vancouver
Lauren S VaughnRekha PatelOctober 2015: International Cytokine and Interferon Society, Bamberg, Germany
Eric GoffAlan WhiteJuly 2015: Society for Advacement of Biology Education Research Conference, Minnesapolic, Minnesota
Eric GoffAlan WhiteJuly 2015: Gordon Research Conference on Undergraduate Biology Education Research, Lewiston, ME
Tim HinesDeanna SmithJune 2015: NEURAL, National Enhancement of Under Represented Academic Leaders Conference, UAB
Chase NelsonAustin HughesJune 2015: ENCODE Research Applications and Users Meeting, Potomac, MD
Chase NelsonAustin HughesMay 2015: Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference 2015, West Lafayette, IN
Julie YoungbloodShannon DavisMay 2015: Society for Developmental Biology, Clemson, SC, Talk
C. Andy SchumpertRekha PatelMay 2015: American Aging Association, Los Angeles, CA, Poster
Evelyn ChukwurahRekha PatelMay 2015: Cold Spring Harbor Lab: Retroviruses, NYC, NY, Poster
Yogin PatelHexin ChenApril 2015: American Association for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA, Poster
Shen LiAlan WaldmanMarch 2015: Experimental Biology and American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Meeting, Boston, MA, Poster
Eilea KnottsBlaine GriffenMarch 2015: Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference, Athens, GA, Poster *1st place
Lauren VaughnRekha PatelOctober 2014: International Cytokines and Interferon Society, Cytokines 2014, Melbourne, AUS, Poster
Ashley Kalinski CurrenJeff TwissAugust 2014: 5th Annual Axon Degeneration meeting, Berlin, Poster
Rachel StewardCarol BoggsJanuary 2016: American Society of Naturalists, Asilomar, CA, Poster *Runner up for the Ruth Patrick Student Poster Award

Awards Received!

NameUniv of SC Principal InvestigatorAward RecievedDate
Yogin PatelHexin Chen

Kathryn Hinnant-Johnson, M.D. Memorial Fellowship

April 2016

Lauren S VaughnRekha Patel

Dean's Dissertation Fellowship

Elsie Taber Graduate Fellowship Fund, Germany Travel

Support for research fall 2015

For Travel, October 2015

Chase NelsonAustin HughesF1000 Poster Prize, International Society for Computational BiologyMay 2015
Mithil SoniHexin ChenSPARC Graduate Research GrantSupport for research 2016-17
Tim HinesDeanna SmithUAB Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars program travel awardFor Travel, June 2015
C. Andy SchumpertRekha PatelAmerican Aging Association Student Achievement Award for first place "Data Blitz" talkJune 1, 2015
Eilea KnottsBlaine GriffenF. John Vernberg Bicentennial Fellowship in Marine ScienceSupport for research 2015
Elise Van MeersscheJay PinckneySPARC Graduate Research GrantSupport for research 2016-17
Chase NelsonAustin HughesKathryn Hinnant-Johnson, M.D. Memorial Fellowship April 2015
Lauren S VaughnRekha PatelKathryn Hinnant-Johnson, M.D. Memorial Fellowship April 2015
Shen LiAlan WaldmanInternational Student Merit ScholarshipMarch 2015
Evelyn ChukwurahRekha PatelInternational Student Merit ScholarshipMarch 2015
Shen LiAlan WaldmanASBMB and Graduate School Travel AwardsSupport for travel in March 2015

Where Are They Now? ***

NameGraduation DatePrincipal InvestigatorCurrent Position
Chase NelsonAugust 2016Austin HughesPostdoctoral Fellow, The Richard Gilder Graduate School, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
Lauren S. VaughnDecember 2015Rekha PatelPostdoctoral Research Scientist, Columbia Univeristy, NY, NY
C. Andy SchumpertDecember 2015Rekha PatelBiology 102 Lab Coordinator/Teaching Faculty, University of SC
Troy HuthDecember 2015Jeff DudychaLicensing Officer, Office of Technology, University of South Florida
Megan RileyAugust 2015Blaine GriffenPost-doctoral MPS in Toxicology, Curriculum in Toxicology, UNC-Chapel Hill
Jennifer FillMay 2015Timothy MousseauPostdoctoral Researcher, Stellenbosch University, Matieland, South Africa
Chris BrandonMay 2015Jeff DudychaInstructor, Florida Southern College
Feng GaoDecember 2014Deanna SmithPostdoctoral Researcher, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Cristian MonacoDecember 2014David Wethey/Brian HelmuthPostdoctoral Fellow at Rhodes University, South Africa
Laura EnzorDecember 2014Sean PlaceORISE Postdoctoral Fellow at the Gulf Breeze Ecology Division of the EPA; Gulf Breeze, FL
Derrick ScottAugust 2014Bert ElyLecturer, Deleware State University
Richard Fandino August 2014Richard VogtPost-Doctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology; Jena, Germany 


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Preparing Future Faculty

SPARC Grant Four Biology Student Recipients in 2016!! Congratulations Claire Hann, Kristen Larsen, Min Li, and Olivia Spead                                                                                  

                                                                                                                             Last Updated 09/06/2017 Eilea Knotts
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