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Department of Biological Sciences

Faculty & Staff Directory

Blaine Griffen

Department of Biology
University of South Carolina

Office: EWS 615
Phone Number: 803-603-9532
Website: Griffen Lab website

Natural systems today face a growing list of environmental changes including climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, ocean acidification, species invasion, population extinction, and more. I study the responses of populations and ecological communities to environmental change and the consequences of those responses. The majority of my work has focused specifically on invasions and local extinctions. I generally take a bottom up mechanistic approach, determining the role of individual behavior, physiology, and morphology in facilitating or constraining responses to environmental change and for establishing patterns and processes at the population and community scales. I use a variety of approaches, including field observations, field and laboratory experiments, physiological measurements, and computer simulation modeling.

For publications and a full description of research in my lab, visit my lab website at