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Department of Biological Sciences

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Bert Ely

Director, Center for Science Education
Department of Biology
University of South Carolina

Office: CLS 701
Phone Number: 803-777-2768
Website: Ely lab web page

Bacterial Genome Evolution

We are studying the genomes of the caulobacters and the bacteriophage that attack them to understand the roles of genome rearrangements, mutations, and horizontal gene transfer in genome evolution. Caulobacters have an interesting life cycle as shown above. We have shown that extensive genome rearrangements have occurred among the Caulobacter species studied to date. However, similar rearrangements have not occurred among the phages that infect these bacteria. This project involves the isolation of bacteria and bacteriophage from the wild, characterization of the isolates, genome sequencing, and bioinformatics. We are also interested in comparing the genomes of isolates from aquatic environments to those isolated from soil to determine if there are differences in the composition of the genome that are characteristic of the habitat where they live.


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