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Fabienne Poulain received New Vision Investigator Award for Alzheimer’s research

Fabienne Poulain received the New Vision Investigator Award from the Donors Cure Foundation (Charleston Conference on Alzheimer's disease)

 Short summary of the project:

In Alzheimer’s disease, the accumulation of soluble amyloid-b (Ab) peptide oligomers within neurons is thought to cause most neurodegenerative features and cognitive decline in patients. Yet, how these oligomers are transferred from one neuron to another remains poorly understood. This project proposes to take advantage of the unique transparency of the zebrafish larvae to follow in real time in vivo the propagation of fluorescently labeled Ab oligomers in the brain, and the effects they have on neurons.  Characterizing the molecular mechanisms of Ab oligomers propagation in a living organism will shed new light on Alzheimer’s pathogenesis and provide new avenues for the future development of therapeutic strategies.

Congratulations, Fabienne!

Zebrafish visual system