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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences


Graduate and Research Faculty

Ronald Benner

My research focuses on the carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous cycles in aquatic environments. Experimental approaches are used to characterize biogeochemical processes and the roles of microorganisms as key players in the transformations of C, N and P, and geochemical approaches are used to integrate processes over space and time.

Carol Boggs

Evolutionary & physiological ecology, conservation biology.

Andrea Bonisoli Alquati | photo: ©Francesco Tomasinelli

Andrea Bonisoli Alquati

My research investigates the ecological and evolutionary consequences of the nuclear disasters of Chernobyl and Fukushima.

View of Table Rock State Park from Bald Rock Heritage Preserve near Caesar's Head State Park.

Herrick Brown

Megan Dantzler Gamble

Photo of Jeff Dudycha

Jeff Dudycha

William (Trey) Franklin

Dr. Hilbish

Jerry Hilbish

Photo of Dr. Lovell

Charles R. (Rick) Lovell

Photo of James Morris

James Morris

Mousseau holding a great tit in the Red Forest of Chernobyl

Timothy Mousseau

John Nelson

Plant taxonomy; plant diversity of the Southeastern USA; Stachys

James Pinckney

Tammi Richardson

Ryan Rykaczewski at Melbourne Beach

Ryan Rykaczewski

Biological Oceanography, Fisheries Oceanography, Ocean Biogeochemistry, Pelagic Ecology, Global Change

Daniel Speiser

The Speiser Lab studies the structure, function, and evolution of complex traits in invertebrate animals. We are particularly interested in the function and evolution of dispersed sensory systems in marine molluscs, particularly the multi-eyed visual systems found in certain bivalves (such as scallops) and in certain species of chiton. We are also studying the neurobiology that underlies these distributed sensory networks. As a hypothesis-driven research group, we are open to pursuing a wide range of questions in visual ecology, marine biology, and evolutionary physiology.

Daniel Tufford

Ward Watt

David Wethey

Photo of Dr. Woodin

Sarah Woodin

Photo of Dr. Yoch

Duane Yoch