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Graduate Student Directory

Ashley Kalinski

Degree Program: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Room: CLS 705
Major Professor: Jeffery L. Twiss

My research focuses on comparing neural repair mechanisms between the peripheral and central nervous system (PNS and CNS, respectively). We know the PNS regenerates robustly following injury but the CNS fails to do so (i.e. spinal cord injury).  I am using our understanding of the mechanisms involved in PNS regeneration to increase CNS axon regeneration.  Our lab has previously shown that mRNA transport and local protein synthesis play a major role in axon regeneration and I am interested in which mRNAs are being localized to axons following injury.

Drexel University. Ph.D. Biological Sciences. 2015
Adrian College. B.A. Biology and Japanese Studies. 2010


Kalinski A.L.*, Sachdeva R.*, Gomes C., Shah Z., Houle J.D., Twiss J.L. (2015). mRNAs and protein synthetic machinery localize into regenerating spinal cord axons when they are provided a substrate that supports growth. J. Neurosci. (COVER IMAGE). 

 A.L. Kalinski, T. Hines, D.S. Smith, and J.L. Twiss. Neuronal transport and spatial signaling mechanisms in neural repair.  Encylopedia of Cell Biology, Elsevier Press, Eds. RA Bradshaw and P Stahl. 2015

Lee S.J., Kalinski AL, Twiss JL. (2014) Awakening the stalled axon-Surprises in CSPG gradients. Exp Neurology.

S. Kim HH, Kim P, Donnelly CJ, Kalinski AL, Vuppalanchi D, Park M, Lee SJ, Merianda TT, Perrone-Bizzozero NI, Twiss JL. (2013) A HuD-ZBP1 ribonucleoprotein complex localizes GAP-43 mRNA into axons through its 3' untranslated region AU-rich regulatory element. J. Neurochem

Poster Presentations:

Kalinski AL.  Brito-Vargas P., Rivieccio MA., Langley B., and Twiss JL. "HDAC6 inhibition promotes axon growth by altering axonal transport".  5th Annual Axon Degeneration Meeting. Berlin, Germany. August 2014

Kalinski AL., Sachdeva R., Houle D., and Twiss JL. "Spatial constraints for mRNA targeting to PNS vs CNS axons". EMBO 2013- From Spatial Signaling to Sensing Spatiality. Dead Sea, Israel. April 2013

Kalinski AL., Sachdeva R., Houle D., and Twiss JL. "Contrasting mRNA levels within actively regenerating sensory and central axons". Keystone Symposia-Growing to Extremes: Cell Biology and Patholgy of Axons. Tahoe City, CA. March 2013.

Winnegrad Z., Kalinski AL., Langley B., and Twiss JL. "HDAC6 Inhibition Modulates mRNA Transport and Axon Regeneration". STAR Scholars Summer Showcase. Drexel University, Philadelphia PA. August, 2012.

Drexel University International Travel Award (2014)
Drexel University Department of Biology Travel Award (2014)
Department of Biology, Drexel University Travel Award (2013)
United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation Travel Grant (2013)
Outstanding STAR mentor (2012)