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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences

  • Effects of Radiation on Evolutionary Change USC Biology Professor Tim Mousseau and Dr. Anders Møller (Université Paris-Sud) by Chernobyl Reactor 4; studying the effects nuclear contamination on barn swallows.more

  • Neural Crest Cells & Pituitary Gland Development Biology professor Shannon Davis is studying the role NCCs play in the formation of pituitary blood vessels. Image shows NCCs (green) streaming into an embryonic mouse head (red).more

  • Interactions between Mobile Preditors and Stationary Prey Biology Graduate Student Cristián Monaco on the Oregon coast studying effects of environmental stress on interactions between the sea star Pisaster ochraceous and its main food item, the mussel Mytilus californianus.more

  • Charting Earth's Recent Past Biology professor Ryan Rykaczewski is part of International team characterizing the last 600 years of a marine-terrestrial ecosystem.more